Public Relations

If you’re looking for an agency with strong links to local media then we can help get your message across. Our experienced consultants can assist in creating a professional copy or innovative campaigns that gain the interest of the media both locally and nationally.


Whether you want to approach a traditional form of PR solutions or are ready to try new and alternative avenues, we can guide you through the process. Thus, we can develop creative and innovative Public Relations campaigns that help your brand.


Public Affairs

At Image Matters, we are lucky to have experience and contacts within local government as well as the public sector. If you’re looking for an agency to steer you through the complex web of States Departments or to lobby States Members on your behalf, we are the agency to create campaigns that get your voice heard.


We offer client introductions with policy decision-makers and government organisations, engaging in all tiers of government whether your company is in the business or charity sector.


Let us create a bespoke Public Affairs package, tailored to your needs. This may include;

Political monitoring and intelligence reports

Stakeholder mapping and political audience identification

Message development and alignment

Formal policy consultation responses

Comprehensive policymaker engagement programmes

Scrutiny Committee and public inquiry training

Integrated campaigning including social media planning and responses

Media cutting back and copy research


Contact us here to find out more about how we can help with your brand’s PR.


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Public Relations
Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations