Snapchat considers update to create permanent posts

Snapchat’s famous feature, where all images are removed from the app after 24 hours, could soon be a thing of the past. Due to financial pressure, the app is considering extending the life of public snaps, and maybe even making them a permanent upload to the site.

Users could still delete posts after 24 hours but with the expected update this would have to be done manually.

The idea behind the rumoured update is to encourage users outside the app to join in. Snapchat has always been a hard platform for companies to market their brands on. This is largely due to the fact that content created on the app is rarely shared outside of it. Therefore, it is thought that this update will encourage advertisers to invest in ads on the app. Because these ads won’t disappear after 24 hours they can be shared outside the app. Thus this update would give advertisers a greater ROI on their ads.

However, there is worry that users won’t be as welcoming as advertisers to the change. After last year’s redesign, Snapchat users started a petition calling for all updates to be reversed. Since then the amount of daily users has continually dropped on the app.

Snapchat is yet to comment on the circulating rumours, but the update could be just what the app needs to make it more of an effective option for marketing brands.


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Snapchat considers update to create permanent posts
Snapchat considers update to create permanent posts

Snapchat considers update to create permanent posts

Snapchat considers update to create permanent posts