LinkedIn adds ‘Water-cooler’ update

More and more businesses are utilising LinkedIn as an effective marketing resource. With this in mind, the site has launched a new initiative that helps businesses maximize their content on their pages. The new update is known as the ‘water-cooler’ series and highlights the most popular posts published on LinkedIn each month.

The idea behind the update is for users to be able to access the most thought-provoking and engaging articles easily. These can then be rewritten and posted on their company pages.

LinkedIn has already announced some of the water-cooler moments from last month. These include posts from Bill Gates and Marcel Schwantes.

Another benefit of these monthly popular lists is that businesses can learn the trends for the most popular posts and replicate these topics in their own writings.

For example, LinkedIn’s water-cooler posts from the last month show that the most popular trends focused on gratitude in the workplace, celebrated diversity and promoted core leadership skills. Although you can’t get popular businessmen like Bill Gates to write for your company you can learn from these topics. As well as developing your own company ideas surrounding popular topics.

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LinkedIn adds ‘Water-cooler’ update
LinkedIn adds ‘Water-cooler’ update

LinkedIn adds ‘Water-cooler’ update

LinkedIn adds ‘Water-cooler’ update