A Beginner’s Guide to Researching Keywords

We all know that keywords are important for improving SEO, but how do you find which keywords you should use?

Here are some initial places you can start researching keywords. However, if you’re looking for a complete keyword package with SEO improvement get in touch with our team of experts. We will research, find and develop all your keywords to ensure that your site is better placed than all your competitors.

As an employee or business owner a preliminary discussion of your business, your competitors and your industry can help the agency you use to develop your web profile. You are in the best position to understand your business and make small changes ready for web developers to improve your digital presence.

How to research keywords

#1 use google search

Start looking at the keywords that are used in your industry on Google. Start searching a keyword you think could be associated with your industry. For example, if you’re a clothing shop type in “dresses”. A list will then come up with similar things people searched. Use these to think about what keywords your customers may be searching for to find you or your competitors


Most brands will then stop searching for keywords, however other ideas can be found at the bottom of Google. Type in the name of your business into Google search. At the bottom of the search results, you will have a section called “related to”. Here you will find a list of keywords people have regularly searched for that relates to your name. For small businesses, this lets you know what words are associated with your brand, that you may have never thought of.


Have a quick look through your competitor’s sites. Are they any words that they are using more than others? What words continue to turn up in their URLs or headings? Could these be putting their site ahead of yours in Google Search results?

Once you’ve done this get in touch with our team. We’re experts in getting your brand seen and will work with you to research keywords and develop a keywords strategy as well as looking at pay per click advertising and SEO development to ensure you build a loyal customer base.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Researching Keywords
A Beginner’s Guide to Researching Keywords

A Beginner’s Guide to Researching Keywords

A Beginner’s Guide to Researching Keywords